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Building a Setra

In ANBL's summer 2011 building class, students built a setra, a Norwegian summer cabin built in a grassy meadow where a farmer's stock animals graze. As part of ANBL's play program, the setra has been renamed, The Imaginarium, since the small log cabin becomes whatever kind of building students imagine it to be during their imaginary play. Building the setra, students infilled a 300 year old timber frame made from hand-hewn Norwegian pines sent to ANBL from Norway. Students learned to fell, shape, and notch red pine poles from the nearby Pines In Lines play site, and used them to complete the framed cabin. After the pine logs were in place, students and parents insulated between the logs with sheep's wool, followed by chinking. Students also learned how to created a sod (living) roof for the cabin, using nearby plants dug up from where the ANBL meadow meets the forest. (photos by Ariadna Chediack)