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Building Hideaways in the Woods

The childhood desire to build a hideaway, fort, or tree house in the woods seems to be a universal longing. Children all over the world fashion them during their "middle years" when children desire to create hidden out-of-the-way places of their own. In an ANBL building class, students learn the skills to build a hideaway of their design. They learn how to use hand tools efficiently and safely, and get plenty of practice using them! They are introduced to basic design and building techniques, such as how to draw a design to match their ideas. Then, to make their idea come to life, they learn how to shape wood, how to assemble a structure, how the various parts of the structure work together, and how to make notches, braces, and other joinery. The foray into the world of building helps children satisfy that universal longing to create a small outdoor get-away of their own.