Summer Building Classes

Click HERE to print the enrollment form
for our 2015 summer building class: BUILDING A HOMESTEAD.

To date, ANBL has offered the following classes:

  • Building Hideaways in the Woods (summer 2009)
  • Building Tree-Houses (summer 2010)
  • Building a Setra (summer 2011)
  • Hobbit Houses & Gnome Homes (summer 2012)
  • Recreating a 1909 Farmstead Porch (summer 2013)
  • Connect The Pieces (summer 2014)

For more information, email Michael Peyton

Click HERE to listen to Allison Mills from Northland College's radio station, 97.7 WRNC, interview the kids from the Hobbit Houses & Gnome Homes building Class.

(Photos by Ariadna Chediack)